Thursday, February 06, 2020

Kidney Saga part 12

I woke up early on Saturday. I know this because I posted about some of the new restrictions my medication was putting me on. Like avoiding garlic and sunlight. I thought it was lupus, not vampirism.

I was told before 10am that the blood test was good and I would be going home, but it was hours before all the medications came in and all the instructions were gone over, and even then we missed a medicine due to a misunderstanding of what I'd already been taking. I had a giant bag of prescriptions to take, and hubby-Eric carefully gathered up everything else. On the nurses' instructions, I took every item that was likely to be thrown away for sanitary purposes, including the remaining puddings that helped me swallow the large pills. I got home just before 6pm.

The drive home was weird. My eyes are completely wonky, which is a technical term for "not seeing clearly" and I would see lights multiplied by about six until we got right up on top of them. That included roadside reflectors. So I would see this snowflake pattern alongside the road and folded into itself as we got closer. It was a fascinating and scary visual trick. The road signs for businesses were like giant Christmas trees in the air. It kept me oddly entertained.

Once home, it was take a billion pills then go to bed. What a relief to sleep in my own bed! But also, a little painful. I was now used to sleeping a particular way due to the way hospital beds are set up, and so after eight nights I was adjusted to that. When I turned in my sleep, I woke myself up.

However, without nurses coming in to take my vitals every few hours and without a lifeflight swinging by my window and without all the beeping and monitoring, I think I more than made up for the wakefulness of being able to move in bed.

Sunday was spent figuring out the next steps, including what kind of foods I can safely eat while the kidneys mend. The kidney specialist said it would be months before I feel better, assuming best-case scenerio. And the fluid restriction would be on until the swelling (edema) goes down.

Inkwell reacted cautiously to me. He could tell something was very very wrong with me, and every time he gave me a sniff he'd give a questioning "mrrow?" But he also watched me closely, following me stealthily went I went to the toilet. He swatted at my ankle once, then seemed to realize that wasn't a good idea and gave the closest thing I've seen to an apology from a cat. He sort of hunched and sighed.

It was a good first day home, I guess. I rested most of the time while Eric got everything set up for me. And so to bed...

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