Sunday, February 09, 2020

Kidney Saga part 15

Thursday, January 16th, started a normal cycle of thirst, cravings for food I can't eat, and boredom. Inkwell spent a lot of time purring and cuddling me, noticing that I felt miserable. The mood swings from the prednisone started in earnest, as well.

Eric, who claims he cannot cook eggs to save his life, made a lunch of egg whites from a carton that turned out to be perfectly cooked. I was actually surprised because I've never been able to cook eggs quite as well.

A gift arrived from a friend to keep me company:

I also wanted to make pasta but couldn't manage, as my hands were far too shaky. I was expecting to be able to cook in only a few days. I wasn't expecting to get sicker.

Friday I noticed lots of Facebook ads about kidney health. No surprise. I also found a page of kidney-friendly recipes, so I could get some ideas.

Memory dumps started around Saturday. This is similar to the mood swings, but amazingly more painful. At first they were just random memories. Sometimes I'd suddenly be in a classroom with a vaguely familiar teacher, or in the middle of an interview while I was a reporter. The worst were the childhood memories, which almost all involved being bullied. Sometimes I would rewatch a movie in fast-forward - seriously, I rewatched "A League of Their Own" at least three times in memory dumps, usually taking about 20 minuntes each time. As least it was a good movie.

Some memory dumps were just music. Songs I'd long forgotten, coming back in excruciating detail. I remembered words that I would have sworn I could not. These have continued, and some of the songs my memory have dredged up really ought to be forgotten.

I woke on Saturday to a dream of a cookie eating contest. I was expected to be a contender, but could only eat five very small cookies before declining to continue. I remember the judge being angry at me.

After breakfast, Inkwell insisted on escorting me back to bed and forcing me to relax by not letting me use my phone. It was incredibly cute. Probably the best event of the day.

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