Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Kidney Saga part 17

I got very excited on Tuesday, Jan. 21st, because I was able to make my own scrambled eggs without burning myself or the kitchen. Sadly, that was the last real progress I made for some time. Fortunately, my mother-in-law arrived that day, which is also hubby-Eric's birthday, to help out for a few days.

I realized I was Googling a lot of searches that began with "kidney friendly" to see if there was anything good I could eat. I'm a very bland food person. I don't like a lot of spices, which means I can eat the same foods over and over and not get bored with them. But at the same time, I'm human and like a little variety. So I started trying to find stuff I could make/have Eric make that would be a little different but still easy.

I was also very very curious to see my latest blood test results. I have since learned that I'm not going to see them before the doctor most of the time, but the online chart will eventually post them and I can view my own progress. The doctor showed me which results are the most important for my kidney functions, so I know which lines to look at in the graphs. While I can't interpret the results, I can certainly view the trends up or down, and that makes me more comfortable. Just knowing helps.

One of my pleasures in life is hot baths. Unfortunately, with edema (swelling) I cannot realistically take a hot bath without harming myself. Add in that there is no way I'd ever be able to get OUT of the bath once I was in, and I have a craving I cannot satisfy. When this is over, I promise myself one lovely hot bubble bath.

Inkwell was mildly alarmed when mother-in-law arrived, but he was still so much more concerned with me that he spent most of his time with me instead of investigating the stranger in the house. The morning of the 22nd, Wednesday, he did a full catscan on me once he was aware I was awake, then slept near my feet to keep an eye on me.

With mother-in-law in the house, some of the pressure was taken off Eric. She got me some decent food and started some serious cleaning that I'd neglected over the last few months when I didn't realize how sick I was. The relief was mental and physical. She also "invented" a "fried rice" dish that was just regular white rice with kidney-safe ingredient in perfect proportion. It was an absolute treat.

The blood pressure monitor my sister and mother got arrived and I started taking my daily BP readings. They were very very high, which worried me, but I also knew that home monitors can be a bit inaccurate. When I did finally get mine numbers checked at the office, they were similarly high... oops. So yeah, that's another concern.

The minor skin irritation was getting worse, but I didn't realize just how bad it could and would get as time passed. It was to become a serious issue soon enough.

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