Saturday, February 29, 2020

Kidney Saga part 34

Yesterday was very calm, but I was tired and in some pain. We opened windows, which let in some fresh air and made Inkwell excited, but I did get a little chilled as the afternoon wore on. Eric was exhausted, too, and had some sleep issues, which his Facebook page recounts as well.

I meant to get up early today and enjoy some online time with folks, but I was out of it. So there just isn't much for me to report. I will probably go back to bed soon for some more gentle rest, because I think the double-dose is taking effect and I will need some extra sleep. However, considering how awful I felt yesterday evening, the fact that I'm able to function this morning is a good thing.

Dr. Inkwell continues to hang in there, confused by his mommy's inability to play like she used to, but still eager to be near me and cuddle. I finally managed to get a photo of him with his postcard, which he loved up to while I held it.

I also got a package from a friend who sent a trio of Funko Pop Aquaman figs I was sure I would never lay my hands on. The GameStop Exclusive Jim Lee Aquaman with Parademon was one I saw online and thought, "Wow, that is actually a really cool figure. Too bad I'll never get it." and it arrived yesterday as a surprise present, making me cry. Thank you, David.

One of my comforts is sitting here in my computer chair looking up at my Aquaman collection on the wall opposite. Each little toy sparks a little bit of joy, which I need. I feel pretty darned blessed that people keep thinking of me and sending me little bits of joy.

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