Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Kidney Saga part 38

Another day goes by with nothing much to see or do.

Yesterday was a good rest day in the afternoon, although Inkwell decided to find the sorest spot on my ankles to sleep on most of the evening. He's very cute, and very purry, but sometimes he's a pain. I was able to convince him to sleep next to me last night, so he was able to actually sleep while I jumped up every hour to use the loo.

Still making progress with getting rid of excess bloating, but it's taking so long. I feel like I should be healing faster, but I know this isn't an overnight thing.

Biggest problem right now is that I'm having weakness in my legs that makes it hard to get up from low chairs and toilets, and very difficult to climb stairs. I looked online and found some exercises, and have sent a note to my doctors to ask for advice, but it really is cramping my style to not be able to just get up from a chair or climb the stairs after dinner.

I've gone past worry for the Covid-19 and flu things. It's just a looming cloud out there that I'm going to watch pass by. Eric and I have set up a quarantine zone for me, which is going to make it difficult for other people to visit us, but will protect me further. With all the insanity in the Puget Sound, including the knowledge that the virus was circulating far longer than anyone suspected, I'm just going to stayed holed up as long as possible.

Anyone who wants to visit: We do not have a guest room now because Eric is using it. We only have the downstairs couches, hide-a-bed and cot.

I'm trying to find a good liquid to drink besides water and apple juice. I can't stand cranberry juice, even though that's on the "good" list and I don't drink wine, so it appears that lemonade is my next choice. I need some lemonade with low sodium/phosphate/potassium and sugar. I want to drink chocolate milk badly, but I'm supposed to avoid dairy.

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