Monday, March 23, 2020

Kidney Saga part 48

By Monday I was restless and hoping to go home, but still really scared about the diabetes protocol, since I knew I didn't understand it yet.

After they took the catheter out, I was up a lot. Fortunately, my body seemed primed to time my needs to when the nurses needed to take vitals, so I was able to usually just get up when a nurse came in.

Monday was the last day the hospital allowed visitors, and Eric came to see me. He visited me as often as possible during my stay.

I got to see an occupational therapist, who basically checked to make sure I had supplies and equipment at home that would allow me to function. She was quite impressed as I listed off the items I knew were already waiting for me. She was particularly happy that we have a walk-in shower, as teaching people how to deal with a tub shower is apparently very difficult.

The physical therapist was certain I could handle most of the house, but warned me that I needed to be super careful about stairs, and even about single steps. I was to regret not heeding his advice later.

I also got visited by a heart specialist, who made it clear that I don't have to cut sodium out entirely, just reduce it to about 2000mg a day. I was trying very hard to not have any sodium, which isn't all that healthy either.

My day nurse and nursing assistant on Monday were not particularly observant or responsive, so I started going to the toilet without assistance, which was naughty. But I would have had accidents if I hadn't, and with the walker I could manage very easily. I was still very weak when getting up from the toilet, but I could finally lift myself. You don't know helplessness until you are sitting on the loo and cannot get up.

To be continued...

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