Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Kidney Saga part 56

I had a slow morning yesterday, but I was feeling fairly good overall. We headed to the hospital for the blood draw before lunch, and everything went smoothly. No big changes from the last blood draw, although we had to wait as there was a person ahead of us.

I had a moment of trepidation during the blood draw when a second nurse entered and was instructing the one who was doing the actual draw. I asked, "should I be concerned?" The observing nurse said, "No, she's skilled, she's just learning our system." I responded, "OK, I'm smiling under this mask." And she was correct. The new nurse drew blood just fine, almost no pain.

It was nice getting out and seeing the sun for a bit. The irrigation canals are filling and there are people working in the fields. Agricultural work is essential, obviously, or we won't be able to feed ourselves. There was a high wind that created a bit of a haze over the valley as it picked up dirt and dust from fields.

Once home I was able to make it up the stairs without too much difficulty, and without any direct help from Eric, although I asked him to be there in case I did have trouble. I believe I could soon be going up and down the stairs a bit. We'll see. The only issue, if you can call it that, would be after I have my infusion. I think I will probably be very tired on those days.

Of more concern for me was the fact that my appointment for today, my second chemo treatment, had still not been scheduled. I was checking my mail and phone constantly for an update, and was very disturbed when I got it. For some reason, KADLEC is refusing to do the infusion. I'm not sure if it's lack of the medicine, because of the lockdown, or what, but I'm waiting for an answer or solution. And, of course, I'm nervous. I don't know how this kidney treatment is really supposed to work, so I don't know what a delay might mean.

As there is nothing I can do to improve the situation, I will leave it in the hands of the nephrologist and his nurse and hope for the best. But it did crank up my anxiety levels yesterday and today.

In other news, Elayne sent me some socks, which I was beginning to need as opposed to want as my feet have been slipping in the bathroom. They fit perfectly, and the grips mean I can walk safely.

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