Thursday, April 02, 2020

Kidney Saga part 58

Finally, a quiet, restful day.

I got up early yesterday, showered and got dressed. Just in case. I was worried about the timing of my cytoxan infusion, and I wanted to be ready if something positive happened.

The morning started with a lot of noise outside as workers arrived in waves to tend to the house across the street and dealt with the mess from the fire. There was a backhoe at one point. I'm not entirely sure what it was doing, but it was loud. I also saw a guy from the natural gas company. Other folks came and went, but I only caught passing glimpses of most of them, or heard their vehicles. Eventually it quieted down.

I was able to relax a bit, and when I got a note from the nephrology nurse that the rheumatologist would be handling the infusion and would call me, I felt even better. They called about 2pm, and we scheduled out the five remaining doses. At first they didn't realize I'd missed a dose and were going to schedule me out two weeks, but when they found out, they moved it all up. Monday is the next infusion. It's still a week late, but they could not get the drug before then.

After the call I was able to relax even more. I was more tired than usual, but with all the excitement the day before I wasn't surprised. I got a little reading in along with some writing, gaming, and teasing the poor cat. Eric and I watched an episode of Batwoman with dinner. I spent entirely too much time on Facebook during the day.

So yeah, a nice quiet day. No appointments until Monday, so I can try to exercise a little more seriously without worrying about getting completely worn out. If I've got the energy today, I will try the stairs again. Maybe even try to make something in the kitchen. We'll have to see.

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