Friday, May 22, 2020

Kidney Saga part 101

Two steps forward, one step back.

Yesterday was awful. I was sick the entire day, and slept as much as possible because I felt so bad. My back was screaming in pain again, after almost feeling normal for a few days. My stomach kept complaining, and food felt like an intrusion.

I was grumpy and mean and probably abused poor Eric and Inkwell. I tried really hard to not, but I'm sure I was awful to everyone who tried to talk to me.

Thanks to the back pain, I had to use the walker to get around. I could barely stand up. It felt like a serious setback since I've been able to move around without it for a few days.

More scary, my right hand, where the nurse hit a nerve, sometimes started to twinge painfully if I moved my hand in just the wrong way. It was rare, but it was nasty. Also, the spot where they finally got the IV in is now bruised. Now there are three visible bruises on my arms from IV and blood draws.

In short, yesterday sucked.

That said, I have a comfortable home, a husband and cat who are taking care of me, enough food to survive, a medical team that's trying their best to keep me alive and in general I'm very blessed. So I'm going to try to not keep yesterday in my brain and just try to be a little less grumpy.

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