Sunday, May 31, 2020

Kidney Saga part 106

Thankfully, there's not a lot to report.

Since the good news on Friday, I've been marking time until my appointments this week. Tomorrow is blood draw day, and I have some other tests that need to be run, and then Wednesday is my final (hopefully) infusion day.

I've been both tired and energetic in the last two days. I managed a couple of trips downstairs on Friday, but yesterday a major storm moved in and triggered some pain in my body, which kept me from getting as much done as I wanted.

Hubby-Eric continues to make excellent meals and try out new recipes. He's having a blast with the Instapot, and he's been hitting it out of the park as far as food goes.

Inkwell has continued to be very clingy, including literally pushing my laptop off my lap this morning in order to get some time with me. I was cute but annoying, and delayed me writing this.

The big thunderstorm passed over us and did little damage here. It was mostly a few rattles and booms, a tiny bit of rain, and a few moments of flickering lights. It hit other areas much harder. It was noisy but not bad here.

I have been watching the news, but also avoiding the worst of it. I'm still in a very strange mental state thanks to the medications, and until I get off the prednisone at least, I'm not able to emotionally handle much. Fortunately, I get to taper off the prednisone more starting tomorrow (YAY!) so I'm on my way to some form of normalcy soon. Hopefully I'll be completely off that stuff by the end of August.

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