Saturday, May 02, 2020

Kidney Saga part 85

Oh, sweet relief!

After several painful nights, I started thinking longingly of the hospital bed and how I could sit up a bit while sleeping. Then suddenly I remembered I have a husband pillow, and while it isn't as nice as a tilted bed, it might work. And lo, it DID work. I was still in pain from my back, but it was not as intense and I was able to get out of bed without feeling like I was going to scream.

So one little problem is partially solved. My back feels much less awful this morning thanks to sleeping at an angle, and I actually got enough rest, waking up when Inkwell decided it was time his humans started moving around.

Inkwell spent some time cuddling me this morning after yelling at Eric to get up. When Eric didn't get up, he came over to me and did his purr therapy on my chest. He seemed fairly content, but kept returning to yell at Eric. Poor little starving cat.

My mother-in-law sent two large jars of retinol cream to me, and I've been using them for a few days now. And the difference in my skin is amazing. The discomfort is nearly gone. The papery feeling is slowly going away, except in a few very stubborn spots. I just feel generally better. The old cream I was using did not do this, so I'm pretty sure the retinol is having the desired effect.

I was fairly miserable all day yesterday from the back pain. I'm hoping that now I've had a good night's sleep and less pain I'll be able to function a bit better today. I don't think I'm quite up to going downstairs, but I plan to move around upstairs a bit and do more squats now that my back isn't quite as bad.

Whoever sent the bidet from my wish list, thank you. I didn't see a note. I'm not sure when we will be able to install it, but it'll happen eventually I'm sure. With my current condition, the bidet will actually come in very handy. Er, butty. Er, something.

I hope everyone out there is staying sane in these insane times. Stay safe, love science and hope for the future!

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