Tuesday, May 05, 2020

Kidney Saga part 88

I was completely exhausted yesterday, even though I got a good night's sleep.

I had plenty of rest, but my body definitely was in some sort of "healing" mode, and I found myself drifting off into mini-naps all day long. It wasn't bad or unpleasant, just surprising after knowing I actually slept a full night.

I did dream a little. Mostly about paying off my medical debt then paying off other people's medical debt. I guess my fantasy is being rich enough to help other people get out of their financial holes.

The blood draw yesterday was a little bit surprising. When I got there, they said the standing orders had expired - which no one told me about. They took the tests anyway, since I was there and I needed the blood panel at the least. Then when I got home I sent a message to the doctor's office. I was told my blood tests will be every other week from now on, but I wasn't told which week exactly, so I'm waiting for new information. No one informed me of the change, which I find odd.

I really really want to install the bidet that someone sent from my wish list, but I don't think I can bend over enough to do the plumbing that is required. And while Eric is a handy fellow, I'm better at plumbing than he is. I found the listing of the bidet and there is installation advice in the reviews on Amazon, so I probably will read everything and then decide if this is a project I can tackle. I have to be super careful, though. I still cannot lift myself from the floor without assistance, and the plumbing involved is close to the floor.

Tomorrow is infusion day, along with an appointment with the rheumatologist. I wonder if my medication will be changed yet again? I've already started tapering off the Prednisone and I hope she'll confirm that and continue.

I got more play time with Inkwell yesterday, which delighted him. He's definitely concerned about me, as he spent a good deal of time yesterday in the entrance to my room, watching over me. Having a cat is fun; having a doctor cat is amusing.

Today I rest. Inkwell is going to the vet today, but for maybe the first time in ages I won't be going with him. I hope he behaves. While he's gone, I'll just have to be careful, since I won't have my in-house doctor available.

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