Friday, May 08, 2020

Kidney Saga part 91

I had quite a bit of nausea yesterday, but otherwise felt pretty strong and healthy.

It's clearly a crap-shoot on what I'm going to get the day after an infusion. Although the last two times it's been nausea and not a lot else. I'm strong enough that I'm almost never leaning on my walker, just pushing it along in front of me and keeping it there in case I have another fainting spell or something. And I'm almost strong enough to pull myself up from a chair instead of push myself up. There's a big difference - one means I can get up from the floor myself while the other means I'm still helpless if I fall.

My skin is feeling marvelous from using the retinol cream. The horrible crawling discomfort is almost completely gone, and the papery bits are starting to heal nicely. It feels so good to not hurt that way.

I spent most of yesterday playing around on my computer and reading. So, there's not a lot to report today. So I'll just blog some photos of Inkwell that I put up on Facebook.

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