Friday, May 15, 2020

Kidney Saga part 96

I really don't have anything to report. It's been very quiet here for the last few days. Which has been extremely nice.

I've slept. I've read. I've gamed. I've written. I've played with the cat.

I haven't done a lot of "work" because I'm still very weak. Every time I try to clean up my room to put up the green screen I find myself getting a little faint and having to sit down. So that's been a bust.

I've been trying to do exercises more to build up strength. But it takes time and I'm impatient.

So. There's my update. I probably won't be posting blogs/updates unless there is actually something to report, now. Right now there's just nothing to talk about since I'm mostly just taking information in instead of doing things.

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