Sunday, May 17, 2020

Kidney Saga part 97

My green screen is up, and I've attended my first virtual party with it.

Hubby-Eric did most of the work yesterday in putting it up while I held one end then almost collapsed from exhaustion. It looks pretty good, although I still need a cover for my chair (Eric found a sweatshirt that works ok) and a little bit of cover for a shelf behind my chair. Still, it was pretty cool to have. I'm still extremely self-conscious about the moon face, but all Eric's Oz friends at the virtual party said I look better than last time they saw me, which was about a month ago.

I felt much stronger yesterday, and was moving around much easier, but still very tired. Thanks to my efforts earlier in the day, I sort of collapsed at bedtime and slept very soundly, but only for about six hours. I went to sleep about 7pm and got up with insomnia about 1am. Not ideal, but not strange in these weird times. I ended up taking another nap after breakfast.

Tomorrow is blood draw day, and I have a virtual doctor visit as well. Beyond that, there isn't a lot to report. Dr. Inkwell continues to care for me with purr therapy. Eric continues to keep me alive. And I have started to take an interest in things I love again, including editing my Aquaman wiki, which I hadn't done for more than a year. So I know I'm getting healthier mentally as well as physically.

Let's just hope the trend continues and my kidney problems go into remission.

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