Thursday, June 04, 2020

Kidney Saga part 108

The last infusion went well.

The nurse with the awesome sleeve tattoo was called over to insert the IV, as the other nurses had figured out my arms are too picky for anyone other than an expert. She's clearly the best at it, and this morning there is no bruise - not even a mark to show where the IV went in. In contrast, the IV spot from two weeks ago still has an ugly purple bruise.

If all goes well, this will be the last chemo I endure. There's a possibility of follow-up, but that depends on a lot of factors that I don't entirely understand and will be discussed with me in future appointments with the nephrologist.

In the meantime, I need to exercise as I am able and see if my strength returns. My immune system won't recover for awhile, so I still need to stay isolated, but in a few weeks that will start to be less of a worry - although still a worry.

My back pain is still a very big problem, but the doctors have ordered some tests to rule out certain possibly serious issues, and both the nephrologist and rheumatologist think it's not too serious because of the lack of other symptoms to go along with it. I most likely pulled a muscle or am having digestive problems.

The nausea returned last night, but I was also so tired that I barely managed to stay awake for half of an old Supergirl episode Eric and I were trying to get around to watching. Sleep overcame nausea, and I slept for many hours before my bladder woke me. It sometimes seems like life is just waking up to eat, pee, and then go back to sleep.

Inkwell the cat was very interested when I got home, jumping up into my lap and sniffing my arm near where the infusion went in. He then shook his head a couple of times, clearly not liking what he smelled, and gave me a Look before jumping off and wandering away. I guess my arm really didn't smell all that good. The cat knows I've been sick, but sometimes I'm not sure he knows how to react to it.

As for everything else happening in the world - I am watching. I cannot do much at this moment, but I am watching and will not turn away. I fear for my country, but these hands are too weak to join in. But I will witness. It is truly the least I can manage.

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