Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Kidney Saga part 113

Back in late April, I fainted a few times after my blood pressure got too low. It almost happened again.

I guess it means I'm healing, because I had to reduce my medicine again in order to keep from feeling overly faint. On July 4th when I stood up after eating dinner - with which I had some of my pills, including my heart medicine - I felt really odd. As I started to walk to my room, I realized I was feeling faint and had to sit down. I got Eric to help me to my room and then checked my blood pressure, which was low. I reduced the amount of medicine I was taking and messaged the cardiologist to let her know.

Today I had a cardiology appointment, and the doctor decided to keep me on the lower dosage, based on my experience and the lab results from yesterday's blood tests. So yeah, I'm healing. Maybe there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

The cardiologist also said my blood tests overall show a marked improvement since the last blood test in June. Enough that she even raised my liquid restriction from 1.5 liters to 1.8-2 liters. I can have more to drink every day! Celebration time! Half of my thirst is knowing I cannot have more to drink, so I hope this will alleviate some of the annoyance.

The cardiologist also suggested I get outside a little. A very little. She said I shouldn't stay out much because I will burn quickly, but I should be able to spend a few minutes a day outside. She joked that dermatologists would kill her if she suggested I stay outside for long. As there is a new Pokestop within easy walking distance of our house, I'm hoping I can build up to walking there soon.

My facial swelling (moon face) from the Prednisone is finally starting to reduce a bit. I can't wait to get off the stuff, but I have until the end of August. Next week I get to see my nephrologist, and hopefully I'll get to reduce or remove some other medications, although I'm not counting on it.

Mentally I'm still good. I still have some strange mood swings, which I'm putting down to the Prednisone. Yesterday I actually had a five-minute crying jag which made no sense and wasn't apparently triggered by anything. I just suddenly had to cry. Then it stopped and I was fine. I wasn't actually sad or depressed, so it felt very strange. The Prednisone also gives me nightmares along with memory dumps. I'm hoping that now that I'm on a lower dosage they will get more rare.

Inkwell has insisted on sitting on my lap more in the last week than usual. He's gone back to pushing my laptop off my lap or sitting on the keyboard or (worst of all) attacking the mouse until I move the computer. He'll meow until I let him on my lap if I fight it, so I often give in. I have ways of making him leave if I get truly annoyed at him.