Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Kidney Saga part 115

My kidneys continue to improve, even as the world is afire around us.

I have been feeling much better over the past couple of weeks. I can move around without walker or cane, although if I go out I take the cane just in case. Today I had a blood draw at Prosser Hospital and had only my cane. The woman who checked me in noted that I didn't have my walker, as did the excellent nurse/technician who took my blood (on the first try, yay!). I find it slightly amusing that I'm recognized so easily by people there.

The virtual doctor visit with my nephrologist a couple of weeks ago was mostly good news, including positive trends in my blood sugar levels. A few days ago I forgot to take my insulin for lunch and was panicking as I remembered at dinner time, but when I tested my blood the levels were completely normal. I hope that means the steroid-induced diabetes is truly going away.

I had a dental appointment yesterday, which was a strange experience in this time of pandemic. I had to repeat my medical history since January twice, once for the hygienist and once for the dentist himself. Everyone had to wear masks in the office, including the patients. I was only allowed to take the mask off once I was in the chair. I have a follow-up appointment in September to deal with cleaning, since the appointment was too short to do all the stuff they needed to do.

I do have a new problem, and since I'm going to see my rheumotologist on Monday, I'll be bringing it up then. My hands hurt. A lot. Especially when I wake up or make a fist. I have suspicions, but I'm going to ask the experts about it. Hopefully it is something minor. We'll just have to wait and see.

I'm slightly worried about the underlying cause of my distress: lupus. Now that my kidneys and heart are recovering, the focus will switch to the lupus to see what needs to be done to prevent further problems. I only hope it will be tolerable. I have a strange loathing for hydroxychloroquine recently, although it's one of the main medications for people suffering from lupus. I only hope there will be some of it available if I need it, considering the recent stupidity of some people in falsely promoting it as a cure for a completely unrelated illness.

Hubby-Eric got some excellent news that helped both of us feel much better. He's been hired as a full-time online teacher by a company that actually offers a great salary AND benefits. He'll be teaching algebra, and starts next week. I don't know when classes start, but having a solid full-time position is going to help him a lot. Now, if only we could get better internet here. Our current connection is a bit slow for my tastes. I wish we could get fiber.

I used a shower bomb from Frakking Bombs this past Sunday night after letting folks online vote for which of the three scents I would use. I ended up using the lavender bomb, which was very nice. I think I'll probably try the pink grapefruit next. I really wish I could have a bath bomb, but I'm still restricted from taking baths for a couple of reasons, including the difficulty of getting out of the tub. I can stand up in the shower a bit more, but I still have need of the shower bench and have to sit after a short time. I run out of energy very quickly, but I'm slowly building up some endurance.

Another milestone: I can pick up Inkwell again. He's only 15 or so pounds of cat, but for a long time I could not lift him. I've been able to pick him up a few times in the last weeks, and give him cuddles that he tries half-heartedly to escape. He continues to get on my lap with some frequency, and has even sat on my computer mouse and run across my keyboard while I was in a chatroom. So, typical cat behavior.

Again, I have to say I've been extremely lucky. I've been able to get proper care despite the pandemic. I seem to be healing. My husband has been home and available to help me. I have an attentive nurse in the form of a cat. Things could be much worse, so I'm grateful for what I have.