Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Still Working On My Con Report

Yeah, it's coming together, slow but sure. I think the fact that the con was bigger than I expected for some reason has thrown my brain out of gear. Until I finish writing up the report, here's a couple of "con moments" for you to enjoy:

I spotted the Fantagraphics booth and noted that Dirk Deppey was there with his back to the outside aisle as he talked with people. Sneaking up on him (while my completely bemused sister watched), I cupped my hands and whispered loudly "Bring Back Journalista! Bring Back Journalista!" Dirk looked around for a brief moment, wondering where the sound was coming from, before figuring out that someone was behind him. Don't be surprised if Fantagraphics gets a middle booth next year to avoid people like me harrassing them... heh.

While I was talking with J. G. Jones, con organizer Jim Demonakos came visiting to check in on the guests and make sure everything was comfortable. I said hi to Jim, then held up my sketchbook and said, "Ten sketches!" Jim laughed and said (managing to keep any sarcasm completely out of his voice), "Yeah, that's why we did this con, just to bring artists to you to draw Aquaman!"