Monday, August 23, 2004

Random Thoughts

If you want news and proper link blogging, visit Near Mint Heroes. Shane has been doing a great job while I was off dealing with a virus. Also, visit Polite Dissent. Good stuff there, too, as usual.

Mike Sterling is nuts. I love it. This is one of the best comic book posts I've ever seen. If Harvey is making Mike insane, he just ought to keep it up.

I bet you didn't know that Transformers Comics predict the future. At least according to one eBayer.

Boing Boing directs people to a fact sheet on your rights as a protester. This is for folks who intend to protest the Republican desecration of Ground Zero.

The Scream was not insured against theft. They couldn't put a value on it.

I'm going to a Mariners baseball game tonight with my nephew. They've won every game I've attended so far this year, which isn't saying much, I know. I haven't been to many games.

And here's a random picture. This one is of Basil the Cat outside my parents' house. I took this the day of the big party for my parents' 40th anniversary. Basil apparently believes that he belongs to my parents' as well as to his owners.