Sunday, August 22, 2004

Rapid Reviews - Angel Season Two

Angel [2-17]: Disharmony: Oh, it took me longer than expected to realize where I'd seen Harmony before. I did not know she was on Buffy, nor that she was Cordelia's friend. I missed out on quite a bit, didn't I? In any case, she made this one considerably more lighthearted than it might have been. There was also a script available, which had some interesting differences from the final show. A decent little ep. 3 1/2 starfish

Angel [2-18]: Dead End: And Lindsey goes nutso! Along with his EVIL HAND! He's got an EVIL HAND! Ahem. This one was freakin' funny. Freakin' - the transplant folks, and funny - the whole EVIL HAND sequence. And Lorne's little contribution was great, too. Imagine telling those two that they have to work together. Heh. That's two fairly lighthearted eps in a row. I wonder when the angst will come back. Oh yeah, the sign on the truck in the last scene? Hilarious. It's just so unexpected, considering the source. 4 starfish

Angel [2-19]: Belonging: Ok, that's a cliffhanger. I suspect from the names of the next three episodes that this is a something of a four-parter. And hey, Lorne finally gets a name! And we get to see Fred! And a relative of Lorne! And did I mention that this was a really cool cliffhanger? I like this one. 4 starfish