Monday, January 31, 2005

Random Thoughts

We Need a Digital Previews.

The UFO Coin, from 1680's France:

So, is it a UFO? A flower that's broken loose and is floating away in the wind? A Biblical Ezekiel's wheel? I vote for the flower.

Marvel's vice chairman, Peter Cuneo on Namor's Film: That film with Universal is well into development. We call it "Star Wars Underwater." Namor was first created in 1939 by Marvel. It is one of our older characters, oldest characters. It is a great story, and we are very excited about Namor. Via Comics2Film. Yes, I'm watching this one closely. Maybe not entirely for the reasons people would expect, either.

The facts behind the MGM suit. I've read a lot about it, but this explains it nicely. I also found a site that showed a screen cap from "A Fish Called Wanda" that showed how a full screen can show too much of the screen. Via Evanier.

Remember the fallen dotcoms. I particularly like the ads slide show.

Attack of the Moose!

I find this story hard to believe. On the other hand, things as sickening as this one are possible when the politicians don't think things through.

Speaking of politics, apparently the next generation already thinks we live in a dictatorship. Very scary results.

Fred Hembeck had similar experience on his birthday as I have on my birthday every four years or so. Sorry I missed wishing you a happy on the day, Fred. Hope the rest of the year is happy for you, too.

Yes, I will be at the Emerald City Comicon on Sunday. Only Sunday, sadly, as I have to work on Saturday.

Happy National Gorilla Suit Day.