Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday Audioblog

this is an audio post - click to play

Transcript: "This is your Sunday Training Walk Audioblog. That's right, I'm on my training walk... I'm actually at mile seven, well, a little bit past, I'm at Wilmot Gateway Park in Woodinville and I have walked from Marymoor Park in Redmond. It's raining, pretty hard now. Lots of people on the trail today, though... I mean, I saw everything... I saw canoes and kayaks, I saw bicyclists: recumbent, tandem, even a three-wheeler, I saw runners, joggers, and walkers like myself. I saw skaters... I even saw roller skates, you know the old fashioned roller skates, not the rollerblades. I've seen a couple of rabbits and a snake... I didn't get a picture of the snake but I did get a picture of one of the rabbits. Um, ducks... geese... seagulls... and just people. Tons and tons of people are out here. And um, that's about it. Still doing my training walk, I've got three miles to go. It'll be a total of ten miles when I'm done. Not a big deal, I did twelve last week so this isn't a hard one at all. And, uh, I guess that's all I've got to say! Thanks! *beep*"

* It started raining about the 6th milepost, and started to really come down once I hit the 6 1/2 milepost.

* These were not on the trail, they were in the Sammamish River, which run next to the trail for the entire distance I walked. When I got to Wilmot Gateway, one of the groups had just arrived there and were pulling their boats out of the water. While I audioblogged I watched them strap the boats onto their cars, and they drove off just before I left the park.

* I saw the first rabbit somewhere between the first and second mileposts. It crossed the path in front of me, and was unmistakably a rabbit. I didn't expect to get a picture because I thought it went into the heavy undergrowth next to the trail (between the trail and the river at that point). But it was there, munching on some grass, so I snapped a picture.

The second rabbit I spotted at the five and a half milepost, and a couple of kids saw it too and chased it into the bushes. The snake was closer to the fourth milepost, and it looked like your standard garden snake. I briefly thought of trying to catch it but a) I didn't want to go into the brambles after it and b) I wouldn't have had anything to do with it if I did catch it. It moved too fast for me to get my camera out and take a picture.