Friday, June 10, 2005

Late Thoughts

The Dorothy folks go to Ozmopolitan.

Polite Scott lists Pregnancy in Comic Books.

A Dalek has been kidnapped... Fears grow for kidnapped Dalek. There's even a ransom note.

A dental miracle.

The Fortean Times, issue #197, page 14 has an article about a Merman recently spotted in the Caspian Sea. The article doesn't list sources, and is unfortunately not on the website, but I notice that Ananova reported it, which makes me doubt it even more... There's a lot more about it here.

Mah Two Cents links to a list of things children won't have lived with when they grow up.

Hey, even wondered who created the Star Wars logo? wonder no more. Via Various and Sundry.

Kids with Cameras.

I want one.

Photoshopped Escher.

If Bad Software Developers Made Houses.

Marine recruiters get desperate, kidnap teenager to force him to enlist. No, no, we won't have a draft. Instead, we'll pressure the kids constantly to sign up then kidnap 'em if they don't. Note: The follow up article has some reader opinions on the actions of the recruiters.