Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More Random Thoughts

Since my last one went over so well, here are some more...

Alan Davis and Robin Riggs are auctioning off some original art. Check it out.

Pal Dorian (not my pal, Mike's pal, but I can't help but call him Pal Dorian, since it rolls off the tongue/taps into the keyboard so nicely) on Doctor Who.

Speaking of Mike, he gets a bit... Hawkish.

Entourage has an official page.

WikiZorkia. Uncyclopedia has a Zork Wiki that you can enjoy by following links.

A four day academic conference on superheroes and supervillains is being held in Melbourne.

Mark Evanier has an interesting statistic.

Boing Boing links to a blog with some excellent Bait Car videos. Of even more interest to me is the ensuing debate in the comments of the blog about whether or not Bait Cars are a sign of a totalitarian government, and if they will result it more dangerous car theft, like hijacking.

Download Beethoven. Legal and free.

China forces websites to register. After all, you can't have open flow of information, since that leads to freedom.