Monday, June 06, 2005

Rapid Reviews - 2 June 2005 - Part I

Aquaman #31: "Kiss of Death part 2: The Nine": Ok. Let's start with the most obvious. What's the gun-thing on the cover? It doesn't appear to be much of a handheld, with those handles out to the side. Then there's the title. It's exactly the same as the first part. Usually writers tend to change the bit after the part number. Either this writer didn't, or there was some sort of production mistake. I can't tell which, as the writing has been pretty sloppy from start to finish on this fill-in.

Next problem is the "posse" that Aquaman and Chandra round up. What kind of loon wears a suit, complete with noose, underwater? By my count, there are four such loons on pages seven and eight. And one of them even follows Chandra. I can see clinging to the old and familiar, but who would waste time learning how to knot a tie around your neck underwater?!??

Then there's one of the main concepts of this storyarc. The police stopped being police during the disaster. Bull. I know one or two people who work in emergency services, and they would simply switch over and start pulling together a new system. That none of these cops did in the DCU is nearly unthinkable. I can see a handful of people being so shocked that they become useless, but every single cop in the sunken area?

Pet peeve with the artwork... more bubbles than on a Lawrence Welk special. Every single panel does NOT have to have tons of bubbles to indicate that the action is taking place underwater. If you need bubbles to show that the action is underwater, then you just aren't drawing it right.

There are other plotholes, some big enough to steer a whale through. As Absorbascon points out, this is better than the last issue. But considering that the last issue was utter gibberish, that's just not saying much. 2 starfish