Tuesday, July 26, 2005

3-Day Pictures Day Two and Three

I don't have a lot of pictures left. Naturally, the time I took the most pictures was when I was stopped and had time to think... in camp. So here's what I have left.

This is my usual view of my fellow Walkers. Namely, their backs. On the pole there is one of the arrows that was used to mark our route. We saw an awful lot of arrows over the weekend.

We also drank an awful lot of water and "vile stuff". The "vile stuff" was a powdered drink made by PowerBar/Pria which just tasted horrible. I like their energy bars, in general, though they aren't my first choice for good eats, but the "Endurance" drink they gave us was so bad that a lot of people were stopping whenever they saw a grocery store to buy a bottle of Gatorade. I'm not fond of Gatorade (in fact, I don't like the taste much at all) but it was a billion times better than the vile stuff.

To everyone's vast amusement, the Lake Washington Cheer Squad came out to support the 3-Day Walkers with some really creative cheers. I wish I'd stopped to take notes... maybe I would have made it farther if I had, and rested a bit more.

Lunch was at a beautiful lakeside park. The Walkers sat out and enjoyed the time to stretch and relax. There were family members hanging out, lots and lots of dogs (why does nobody bring their cats to the park?) and a blimp hanging in the air in the distance.

Back at camp, here's a shot of one of the gear trucks. The sign says "Well Behaved Women Won't Change The World". Many of the gear trucks were decorated, and the folks manning them sometimes were dressed up. Literally, in the case of Truck C's token male. He wore a flowered dress the first day and a hula skirt the second. I don't recall seeing him the third day.

Ah, the sea of little blue tents, this time with the stands for the football field in the background. The white thing in the bottom of the picture is the Bouncing Betties sign, which was next to my tent on the second night.

There wasn't enough room on the upper field for all the tents, so the football field itself got invaded. None of the tents were staked down. While this made the tents prone to fly away in the wind (which they did) and lessened the actual usable floor space in the tents, it also meant that the fields we used didn't have to be repaired by grounds crews. I'm sure that was an important factor in the 3-Day being allowed to camp out.

The view of the sunset from my tent on the second day. They sky was gorgeous. I expected it to get overcast during the night like it did on the first night, but it became more clear. When I woke up at 2 am and went out the stars were shining and the moon was brighter than the field lights.

Here's the one picture I took on Sunday, while we were walking along a street past Sunset Hill Park. Another sign identified the house as the home of a fellow Walker. There were a number of homes along the way that had signs like that, and at least one of them was open to people to use the bathroom if they needed it.

That's it for the pictures from the Walk itself.

I mentioned that there was a small surprise waiting for me when I got home. A friend, Laura, had decorated my house. These pictures were taken the day after, and don't do justice to the decorations. For instance, the mailbox, not shown, was completely wrapped up. And there were flowers on the corners of the garage door that fell down when we opened the garage.

I suppose that eventually I'm going to have to go out and take all the decorations down.