Thursday, October 06, 2005

Morning Thoughts

Hints and snippets from Dorothy's Oz.

Hey, there's a Winchester Mystery House Photo Blog made by a former tour guide. Cool! As I suspected, the TAPS team from Ghost Hunters wandered around the mansion but didn't catch any evidence of a real haunting. Far more interesting was the Queen Mary, in which somebody tried to tamper with their video evidence.

More Winchester Mystery House Coolness: postcards and Flickr Photos. Also, see my report of our visit there, and extra pictures.

Just because I'm sure people will be disappointed if I don't link to it: Dolphins learn to sing Batman Theme.

Get yer red hot Local wallpapers here.

Mark Evanier links to details of the settlement of Brian Hibbs vs Marvel Comics.

Trash Heap's deported brother is a game of marbles now.

The battle over Science versus Creationism is being blogged. "Intelligent Design" (Creationism re-packaged for modern consumption) belongs in church or in a philosophy class, not in science class. It isn't science and should not be forced on students studying science.

There is something terribly wrong with our country when the Senate votes to treat prisoners as humans... and nine Senators vote against it and the so-called "President" threatens to veto it. Why do we need this vote? Read this if you have the stomach for it.