Friday, October 07, 2005

Some Spare Thoughts To Throw Your Way

Just Jared posts un-marked-up Aquaman pictures from Smallville.

More proof that Gail Simone rocks.

Peter David on The Subtle Seven. Or a picture of his daughter with a puppy, whichever you see.

Rachel Hartman has a new Mad Bun Page up at GirlAMatic.

Mark Evanier asked, and he got answers.

A retrospective admiration of Animal.

Mythbusters couldn't do it, but students at MIT managed to make Archimedes's Death Ray work. Ha, take that Mythbusters!

A guy using a non-standard browser for making a donation got in trouble, and he's been found guilty because he tried to figure out why it wouldn't accept his donation by putting in some backslashes and dots to see if the site was a scam. As I use the same method all the time when browsing, I'm flabbergasted.

How to make a Flying Spaghetti Monster brooch. I think I'll stick with the T-shirt, thanks.

Why the Senate has to approve judges, in the Founding Fathers own words.