Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Girl Genius #14 Soon Available

Kaja Foglio reports that Girl Genius #14 will soon be available:

Those of you who tuned in last time (whenever that was) may remember that the magazine-style comics were being released up until issue 13, but the fourth collection contains issues 11-14. Annoying indeed for those who already have volumes 11-13 of the old-style comics. Actually printing an issue 14 in the usual way (a big expensive print run that will take up too much space in my basement) isn't something I'm going to spend limited time and money (and basement space) on, but now that I have the collection reprint situation stabilized, I am going to do this for the three of you who contacted me about the problem. FEEL LOVED!
The book will be available through I think I may plan on getting a copy too, despite not being really affected by the move to webcomic. In fact, I've been delighted by the webcomic, because they've been far more consistent since they moved to the web. Getting Girl Genius three times a week has been very cool. In fact, it's made me wish more of my favorite comics would move to the web.