Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Links and Links and Links


Brian Wood gets an odd e-mail.

New eBay policy might hurt Comics Retailers.

Colleen Doran tells us about Agatha Christie's strange disappearance.

Bonnie R "won" Stephen Colbert's Green Screen Challenge, then wrote to tell about the experience of beating out George Lucas. Via Mark Evanier.

The best ever My Little Pony Project.

My Little Alien

The people are watching Big Brother.

Is there a link between TV and Autism?

Absolutely right: Sea Scouts lose free use of a public marina because the Boy Scouts of America, which they are affiliated with, discriminates. I think the Boy Scouts is a fine organization. I also think that they are a religious organization that shouldn't receive any public money that wouldn't be given to a church.

And, to wipe the seriousness from your eyes: Best Pocket Lint Evah!

And, unrelated to anything else, I went to the doctor today and was told that, according to their scales, I've lost 46 pounds since my last check-up in early May. Boo-yAh!