Saturday, March 24, 2007

Another Day, Another Doll

Hubby-Eric wanted to get in on the hot McDonald's action, so today we walked together down to the same McD's I visited yesterday to get lunch. I was a little hesitant because of yesterday's experience, but it wasn't hard for him to talk me into a walk, despite the rain.

Walks go much faster with a friend, so this one sped by like the wind as we chatted about various Oz, comics, Dr Who, and weight loss things. We'd spent the morning cleaning up for the Torchwood party (which starts in less than an hour) so we were already both a bit tired. It was raining a bit harder then yesterday. A heavy drizzle.

When we got to the McDonald's, we ordered our Happy Meals with a cashier who had no problem understanding us. Eric watched to make sure they got the right figures, and I didn't end up with an unwanted Turtle again, while I went to sit down. No sign of ducks. Maybe they did end up on the menu.

When Eric brought our meals over, I reached in and... Glinda! It wasn't Dorothy. Had they run out of Dorothy already, or were they switching by day? I considered asking, but never bothered. I got my apples, thank goodness, and realized that the caramel dip alone is twice as much as the apples. Hmmm. Maybe I should just eat the apples next time, and save myself 70 calories.

As we left, I turned to hand Eric the bag of Happy Meal toys and swung my left leg solidly into a piece of metal that was jutting out into the sidewalk. OUCH. A bruise has not yet formed, but it still hurts. I commented to Eric that I think that McDonald's hates me. It's certainly out to get me. Despite the need to walk off the McD's calories, I think I might visit a different one in future.