Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Random Thoughts Continued

In memory of Leah Adezio, who baked a birthday cake for Aqualad every March 6th, I've continued the tradition. I think Leah would have enjoyed being remembered with a birthday cake devoted to Aqualad.

Leah's Cake Step 10

Galaxion updated, and there's a little extra something on the forum that Tara doesn't want you to go see.

New Supergirl Costume Design.

Mike Sterling has described the evil comic shop, which all comic book fans have been in at least once. And usually only once.

Unfortunate match up of Shazam! Monster Society of Evil and 52.

Artist Ryan Kelly is cleaning out his old artwork, and offering it to fans if they make a donation to his site.

Movies based on comic books are based on comic books, not graphic novels, and we should be proud to be fans of the form instead of embarrassed by it, so says Mike Gold.

A set-back for creator's rights?

Oh... Osvaldo Cavandoli, 1920-2007. I certainly recognize La Linea.

The strangest level of Counter-Strike ever made. I mean, really, Hotel Fawlty Towers?

We have started in on this year's set of Girl Scout Cookies. While my favorite type is the Tagalongs, hubby-Eric loves Thin Mints. We got a box of each type this year, most of which went into the freezer. I was asked to try the "Little Brownies" by some friends, as they are sugar-free. My initial reaction? Ok, but too dry.

On the topic of food, here's a way to communicate menus in condiments, used by the Waffle House.

Charles Bonnet Syndrome. It's D*mn Interesting.

Mel Gibson made a one-frame appearance in this Apocalypto trailer. I would make you watch it to find it, but instead, here's the screen grab:


I still don't have any need to see the movie, though I think I'd sit through it before I'd sit through some of his other movies.

Snow from Boiling Water.

A very strange comparison of private versus socialized health care. I've always been pro-universal health care, but right now, as I go day to day without any insurance, I'm even more for universal health care than I used to be.

Speaking of health, there's a way to find out if medicine will work for you, but most doctors don't use it, and insurance won't cover it. The technology has "the potential to significantly reduce the 2 million hospitalizations and 1 million deaths caused by adverse drug reactions every year". Isn't that a good enough reason to give it a shot?

Slate argues for the release of Holocaust Archives that have been closed since the War.

Boing Boing shows an anti-anti-piracy ad. As long as the companies that distribute movies and music treat their customers as de facto criminals, piracy will grow.

Oh No! There's a pug in Get Fuzzy!