Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Random Lunks of Dimp

Heh. I just found a post from 2002 in which I predict the success of Emerald City Comicon (as well as describe my problems with a Savage Dragon fan).

Illusive Arts' Emerald City Comicon Photo Parade. You can see me trolling a Borg in this image, while Heidi and I meet a Furry in this image (I'm the fat gal in the blue shirt dead-center). I also adore this image of Rafael Navarro and Chewie.

I found the reason a road was closed when Lisa and I arrived at the con on Saturday morning. They were finishing this installation.

Agatha Heterodyne and the Difficulty of Titling Books.

How did this get past the censors?

More Unscrewed Auctions, which benefit freelancers who can't pay their bills because they've been screwed by publishers not paying debts owed to freelancers.

Colleen Doran lets us know that April is National Financial Literacy Month, and will be posting about financial issues, especially as they affect freelancers, on her blog this month. Check it out.

There's No Such Website! Hubby-Eric got it on the first guess, I got it on the second.

Papercraft R2-D2 Mailboxen.

The War on Science continues.

I'm told that this post at Photographica, a community photojournal, is by my uncle. Go take a look.

Dorothy Temporary Tattoo status: More cracks, more bits missing, still mostly intact.