Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wednesday Links

TwoMorrows announces Digital versions of their magazines. As I'm trying to reduce the amount of magazines I buy, having a digital copy may actually work better for me for some of their stuff. And the price isn't too bad, although it's still a tiny bit high for me.

Emerald City Comicon has announced three guests for next year's event.

The Doctor Who Website has a countdown to the next episode, delayed by the #!^%@$! Eurovision Song Contest. Oddly enough, such a countdown is apparently very appropriate for the next episode.

Wow. If this story aobut Quiznos is true, I don't think I ever want to eat there again.

Attack of the Killer Turtle!

Scott Adams admires the government of Taiwan. Because they fight. Like, real fistfights, during sessions. I think he has a point.

California is testing its voting machines, and vendors better hope they pass. Let's hope this is a serious test, and that they catch the crappy machines designed to steal elections.

The CBC reports that Nutrition Labels aren't accurate. I could've told you that. At least in my case, they've been accurate enough to keep me losing weight instead of gaining. It's a shame that some products are so far off, though, and it's a surprise to learn that Canada allows 20% variability. I wonder how much variability the US allows?

You can get wake up files read by Stephen Fry for free. Now I just need a good alarm clock program to put in my computer so I can use them as my wake up call.

I've been trying to use the GIMP for batch processing images, but it really sucks for any non-programmer types to try to figure out. I took a stab at the scripting, but failed completely. Doing more than the basic stuff with the GIMP can be a nightmare for someone who doesn't know scripting... but it's a fantastic program otherwise. If anyone wants to help with the script, I basically want to take every image in a directory and apply the levels tool to it, using preset input levels (of 25 and 225 respectively) then resave the images into the same directory with a prefix (so I have both versions of the image to use). The so-called tutorial really doesn't help much. If I was still using Paint Shop Pro, it would have taken me two minutes to whip up a macro, and 30 more seconds to run it. I wish the GIMP had the same macro recording and batch tools as PSP. And no, I'm not interested in running Photoshop. I can't afford it and I wouldn't use it enough to justify it.