Saturday, September 22, 2007


Johnny B's NFL picks. He was right about the Seahawks the first two weeks. I hope he's right this week. And speaking of football, read this article on old football players.

Silver Age Comics links to Dial B For Blog's takedown of Bob Kane. Pretty impressive evidence there.

Fonzie Jumps The Shark:

Ten minute look at DC: The New Frontier. Lots of interviews, some animated scenes. All good.

Can you solve the three way duel problem?

How to make witches jars for Hallowe'en decorations. Some year I may just do this. But not now.

The Pirate Bay files criminal charges against media companies that use MediaDefender. Interesting.

Too fat to be a model, but I wish I was that fat!

Speaking of models, Virgin Mobile Australia failed to get model releases for Creative Commons licensed pictures and now both Virgin and CC are being sued.

Here's a graphical illustration of what will likely happen if we do not get Net Neutrality:

No Neutral Net

I'm interested in this book, and not just because a friend is editing it.

Cute report: stolen bunny found.