Friday, October 12, 2007

Frankenvagen Disaster, Day 6 - GOOD NEWS!

Hi, gang. Eric posting here, while Laura writes thank you e-mails to all of our kind friends. And there's actually some good news to report on the whole situation. I took my car — the one that died in the driveway Sunday morning and changed the whole situation from unfortunate lack of a vehicle to a disaster — into the shop today to see if they could offer an explanation and/or repair. The first bit of good news is that I was actually able to get it to the shop, under its own power, with no breakdowns or loss of power or anything of the sort. In fact, it all seemed frustratingly normal. Go fig. When I checked their progress that afternoon, they had done numerous tests and couldn't replicate anything. Between my mechanic, me, and Laura (on the cell phone), we deduced that Laura twisting the wheel when it locked up the other day may have actually gotten all the contacts in the ignition system all lined up again. I was tempted to leave it there the rest of the day and let them try a few more tests, but they didn't think anything would turn up. So I paid them for their time (a very nominal amount, and worth it for the peace of mind) and went on my merry way. The drive home was also uneventful, even with a few stops, so I'm going to chalk up the troubles to a quirk of having just gotten a new cable and battery, and all is now good, until it decides to conk out on me again.

Long term? Laura needs a new car first, but once that's under control, I want a new one, too. Mine is a 1992 Accord, which doesn't sound that old...until you do the math.