Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rental Return

Ok, the rental is back, and yes, they gave me a ride home (thank goodness!). I now realize I was much more stressed about having a rental than I realized, as I feel like one weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Ok, so I'm stuck at home with no transportation, but at least I'm not responsible for taking care of a rental car.

I've been checking out bus routes. Seattle has a lousy transit system, but it can be made to work. Unfortunately, the timing is extremely bad on the bus routes I would consider taking. And pretty much all the routes require me to walk at least a half mile (up to a mile and a half) to get where I'm going. It's not an attractive alternate, but other people have it worse. I'm counting my blessings.

Eric's car continues to have problems. There is clearly a bad wire in the ignition system somewhere. Eric used my trick to fix it, and it worked. The thought makes me slightly ill though, as David Oakes put it: "There is rarely anything wrong with a delicate piece of electronics that violently wrenching side to side won't fix." I feel like there's a good chance that it'll break something else...

Now I'm trying to break out of my depression, but not even good old Silver Age Aquaman is doing the trick for me. Hunting for viable used cars is a draining effort.