Friday, November 23, 2007


For comic book fans only: the destructive power of Superboy's Punch!

Watch out, that baby might be judging you.

Horn inside pumpkin to scare Trick-or-Treaters. I love it.

The 10 Wackiest Experiments of All Time.

A man in Sweden told the FBI his son-in-law was a terrorist, thinking they would question him and let him go. Which isn't what happened, of course. Um. Oops.

If I could visit England, I'd go see this.

Here's why DRM sucks: MLB rips off fans who bought crippled video by shutting down the authorization system. All the video they bought? Useless.

How to make a speaker from LEGOS, a cup, a magnet, and wire.

The ultimate Domino Cascade? Nah, just a Guinness ad.

If you've ever left film inside a camera when you sold it to the second-hand shop, your leftover pictures might be here.

Augie directs our attention to a mascot posturing after taking down a rowdy fan.