Thursday, November 29, 2007

More Linkages

Guerrilla Clockmakers fix Historic Paris Clock. WAY cool. The Museum of Hoaxes calls it A Perfect Prank.

Another WGA Strike Video (YouTube), a Love Story. Via Marv.

A First-Hand Report of the session on the Flying Spaghetti Monster at the religious society's meeting.

A wonderful editorial speaks of the silliness of the Gordon Lee trial (in which a retailer accidently gave a comic portraying nudity to a child on Free Comic Book Day). I'm linking to the Newsarama article because they've included (thanks to Bully!) a picture of the statue which has Romulus and Remus' doodles out in plain sight.

The Bible is not a sweet little book.

Two of the 2010 Olympic Mascots are very cryptozoologically related. A sasquatch and the thunderbird. Cool.

JFK's death, the Zapruder film, and a matter of timing (NY Times).

Geek and Proud has a funny slant on the death by booze meme.

Hmmm, I think I want one.

The Watchmen Blog has pictures from the Watchmen set.

Disney erases history after being criticized by teacher.

Bothell High School has a big game coming up. It won't be down at the bottom of the hill, though, as it's the State Final, so it's in the Tacoma Dome (the breast of the West).

Amok Cats:

And a pug for the in-laws.