Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Flooded Links

Talking about the weather. This image from the Seattle PI will probably be the single-most vivid memory of this event I've got, since Woodinville is my stomping grounds. I recognize that sign.

Woodinville Flood 2007
Karen Ducey, Seattle PI, 3 Dec 2007

But this other image, of the tressel, is also pretty intense. As I think I've actually been on that particular tressel in the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train.

Woodinville Flood 2007
Karen Ducey, Seattle PI, 3 Dec 2007

There are some more interesting photos of the weather and local news, taken by regular folk instead of reporters. I live just to the west of Woodinville, in Bothell.

And, oh, if you want to get to Portland from Seattle (or vice versa), you have to take a detour, since I-5 through Chehalis is shut down due to massive flooding. Just a little detour. Only 440 miles. Of course, for a short time yesterday, Snoqualmie Pass was also closed, which meant that your extra four hour drive turned into an extra eight hours.

Moving on to Non-Weather News...

Mark Evanier clarifies on the Writer's Strike (personally, I'm very happy about the strike, as it will allow Eric and I to catch up on some older shows we missed).

The Gospel of Judas doesn't say what they said that it said. Er...

Bone socks. I want Bone Gloves.

Why DMCA is stupid.

Want to get to that magical $25 on Amazon? Metafilter directs us to the Amazon Filler Item Finder, for those times when you just need a *little* more product to avoid paying for shipping.

I still haven't topped level 46 at FreeRice.