Friday, December 07, 2007

More Links

YAY! Comics came in! And I was right, Northlanders is even better in color.

More of Leonard Kirk's Balls! (yes, it's worksafe).

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #132. Zombies, Eternals, and Rogue.

Speed Racer Trailer.

All FCBD Comics must be suitable for all ages. This is to protect retailers. I approve.

An interview with Gabe's Grandfather about WWII and Gaming.

Ah, I too was a child of the Commodore 64. Good memories... yeah. I have a C64 emulator on my PC just for nostalgia's sake.

Sex Education book It's Perfectly Normal is ruled to be not obscene. I checked it out of my local library when I first heard about this case, and found it to be a wonderful book that I wish I'd had when I hit puberty. People who are terrified of nudity will disagree with me.

Portland, Douglas Adams, and 42nd Street.

Wil Wheaton rants about DRM.

Wow! The Bad Astronomer actually linked to me! Wow.