Monday, April 26, 2010

Clippy Update

I love my Clip+, but to my immense surprise, I'm actually managing to bump up against the 2gb limit with all my random music and podcasts I've been putting on it. If I added audiobooks, I'd be in trouble space-wise! Good thing the memory is expandable with a microSD card, and good thing microSD cards are cheap enough that we'll be able to get one for each of us soon.

Since my last update, I've added a number of podcasts to my listening list, and I must say that listening to NPR's Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me in "fast" mode is one of the funniest things ever. I've also discovered that a podcast late at night, when I'm too restless to fall asleep, can keep me quiet and stop me from tossing and turning and keeping poor hubby-Eric awake as well.

Another "podcast" I enjoy in fast mode is the Rachel Maddow Show, audio only. I haven't found any other political podcasts that I can stand more than 5 minutes of, but Rachel has a nice soothing voice, even in a higher pitch at crazy fast speed.

Another use for the Clip+ I hadn't thought of originally is Audioblogging. I'm able to record on it, and now I have the technology to put MP3 recordings into a stream on this blog, so I can do it fairly easy. I may end up audioblogging a bit this summer during a couple of our planned trips, if they happen. I also have an audioblog planned sooner than that, but it'll depend on a lot of factors if that one occurs.