Saturday, April 24, 2010

Just a Couple of Thoughts

Two things of note have happened in my life recently, neither particularly interesting, but because I haven't got anything else to write about, here's my thoughts...

First up is Second Life. I finally gave in to the urge to join and created an avatar. You start out on the web, where you enter a first name and get to pick from a selection of last names. I had a lot of strange choices, but for me it came down to the choice between "Luckstone" and "Ordinary". Well, "Tegan Ordinary" is a cool name, but "Tegan Luckstone" works better for me, so that's what I chose.

Then I attempted to log in. I downloaded the Viewer, and ran it, and constantly got an error. When I checked online for information on the error, it indicated that I had a firewall blocking the program. I checked, opened up some ports on the router and my firewall, and it still didn't work. Turns out I had another program running that blocks particular IPs based on a blacklist for spam sites, and Linden Labs, the creators of Second Life, are on the blacklist. I can't tell you why, but once I added Linden Labs to the white list (and closed the ports on the router and firewall, just to check) the thing ran and I was finally able to log in.

My conclusion? It's slow, clunky, and has great potential to be either incredibly boring or incredibly fun, depending on what you want to do. I wanted to attend a "meeting", so I just figured out enough to customize my Avatar enough to not look like everybody else but not totally stand out and how to move. I enjoy flying. When it works. It's slow, clunky, and redrawing takes forever on my computer that is getting near the end of it's expected lifespan. But I should make it to that meeting. If I can find the place it's happening at. Figuring out how to get from one place to another is the next trick.

Well, the other thing is even less exciting, if that's possible. I mowed the lawn with Moby the Mower. Eric then went around and trimmed with Whimpy the Weedwhacker, and it actually looked pretty nice (comparatively) once we were done. Eric's been watering the arborvitae regularly, despite the fact that the irrigation water seems to have been shut off again (wha??). And we appear to have a cat that likes using our shed for shelter, because the last two times I've come out into the yard I've seen it dash under the shed. There's about a foot or so of clearance under there, so it might be a good place for a cat to nap.

I plan to get a plum tree soon. I've got my name on a list at a local nursery for an Italian Prune tree that I hope to get planted before high summer. Like my little tomatoes, I don't know if I'll be able to keep it growing, but I'll certainly try.

And, speaking of my tomatoes, it looks like there is a sixth plant growing in the soil. Since I only put in five seeds, I'm not sure what's happening. I'll update if it actually grows into something.


Carolyn said...

Alright, I'm coming right over for some plums in about hmmm... 5 yrs. :) I love those kind of plums..yummy! Actually, I wonder how long it takes before it starts producing fruit?

Tegan said...

3-5 years. Believe me, I'll be happy to share with folks once I get an actual harvest.

David Oakes said...

You should blog about the current state of Post-Modernist German Deconstructionism.