Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What to Blog About?

I keep hearing bits of news that are reported elsewhere and I think, "I should blog that!" and then I promptly forget. For instance, do my Doctor Who fan friends know that Katy Manning will be appearing on the Sarah Jane Adventures? Are my comic book fan friends aware that there is going to be a Young Justice animated series that includes a strange version of Aqualad? But when I get to the point I want to blog about these little tidbits, I always forget. I guess I'm moving into another phase of blogging... the old forgetful blogger.


Roger Owen Green said...

You need a notebook, or do what I do - e-mail myself. Lame, but effective.

Bill D. said...

Did not know about Katy Manning. Will she be playing Jo Grant? Or even Iris Wildthyme? Of course, it just dawned on me the other day that we haven't even seen Season 2 yet. I need to get around to that.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

Bill--She'll be playing Jo. The script will be written by RTD and reportedly has a "School Reunion" vibe. Matt Smith as the Doctor will be in it too, but no idea if it's a full appearance or a cameo.