Friday, July 02, 2010

What, Another Linkdump?

How Confirmation Bias Colors Your Decisions.


Polite Scott gives an example of why I love Golden Age Comics.

Um, Yikes. *eyes shower doors nervously*

Fourth of July Quotations in binary.

Panera's Pay-What-You-Can eatery successful.

The brain of a pyschopath doesn't make you a pyschopath.

More attempts to restore original names of places in North America.

...And, before you say the woman should have gone to help the dog, read this.

Even Basement Cat Thinks This is a Bad Idea.

Twenty Lobster Dogs (and a bonus).


Garrett said...

I was wondering what on earth "Twenty Lobster Dogs" could be. :-)

Roger Owen Green said...

re confirmation bias -

This also true re IDing potential criminals. Check out the book Picking Cotton, where a woman victim of a rape IDs the wrong man, then, confronted with the right man, continues to pick the wrong one, until DNA exonerated the wrong man.

Anonymous said...

I saw the Stanley/Xwayxway Park coverage in The Globe and Mail this morning. Seems like everyone but Euro-Canadian-supremacists who think Duncan Campbell Scott's Dead Indian Poetry should be sacred prophecy thinks it's a good idea.