Friday, August 27, 2010

More Links!

Just want to mention this again: Archive Binge helps you catch up with webcomics that have huge archives. I'm currently reading a few of the comics on the list. If you have a webcomic, I really suggest you get your strip on this site.

Speaking of webcomics, have you met Gronk yet? Not a huge archive on this one, just start here.

The comic book blogosphere is up in arms about a stupid ad by a Maryland candidate for State Senator. To me, the picture gives the opposite impression of what she's trying to convey. Kids that young advanced enough in reading to understand Superman, X-Men, and Marvel Previews (?!) are probably very well educated.

OH MAN! Rich Johnston reports on legal trouble that SLG is having over their horror comic Winchester, which I enjoyed as noted here. I'm not sure what the problem is, except that it apparently involves trademarks. It's a pity, because I wanted to see more of that book, and this fight not only makes that unlikely, it might take down SLG entirely as a publisher.

For some reason, DeviantArt doesn't think inkers are actual artists. Their terms of service have declared that any artist must have created the work entirely by his or herself. No collaborative projects allowed. So inkers who have been putting up examples of their work are being shut down by the service. Anyone got the full scoop on this? The second link there indicates that they are only opposed to inking without permission, so is it a copyright issue solely?

You may have heard about Google allowing you to make free voice calls to any phone in the US or Canada? Well, I made two yesterday. The first went through fine, the second didn't.

Want to see Hamlet starring David Tennant as Hamlet, Sir Patrick Stewart as Claudius and the Ghost, Oliver Ford Davies as Polonius, Mariah Gale as Ophelia, and Edward Bennet as Laertes? Well, now you can watch it online at PBS.

The magic diet elixir is... water. For some strange reason, if you drink a full glass of water BEFORE a meal, you are likely to eat less. Who would've thought?

Oooh, Metafilter collects some learning resources links in a post with a great first line.

I adore this post by Ursula Vernon. She's saying, HEY, BUILD IT HERE! to the mosque, and for selfish reasons, too!

WOW, that's a deal! Getting frozen yogurt for 38/100ths of a cent per ounce! *sigh* Want to read something scarier? Some of the people in the comments don't understand why the math is wrong. Hint: the unit specifies cents, not dollars.

A comparison: Kindle, iPad, print magnified at 26x and 400x. I put the latest generation Kindle on my wishlist because it looks pretty good despite the flaws.

A new stove to make all other stoves cry, but will it catch on?

Here's a Doctor Who teaser trailer, but after you watch it, be sure to go to this link. If you don't, you will feel like a fool.

Pretty good for a fan effort, yes?

A respected teen author is dis-invited to a teen literary festival. As a result, other authors withdraw from the event. More here, including links to other authors talking about the situation. I originally heard the news from Sherwood Smith.

Basement Cat is heartless.

An extra pug for the in-laws.

And lastly, if you have any handy prayer weasels, please get them ready to spin. Eric and I are going to need all the help we can get in the next few weeks.


Tom Galloway said...

The David Tennant Hamlet is also out in the States on DVD if you want a keepable copy.

Re: kids reading comics = smart. George R.R. Martin once wrote you could quickly tell which 7-8 year olds read comics by asking them one simple question; "What does 'invulnerable' mean?". Me, I'm still mildly ticked that my first grade would let me count Dick & Jane books on my "books read" list wouldn't let me count comics which had much more complicated stories and language. While I still broke the school record for books read by a first grader with more than a quarter to spare, adding comics would've put me over the 500 mark.