Saturday, October 02, 2010

Another Day, Another Brick

Very very tired after a frenetic day at BrickCon, watching over children and trying to be helpful to people. I got some PR done, even got interviewed by a reporter (I think from the Seattle Times, but not certain).

I used my phone to try to video one of the coolest things at the LEGO convention, but the video that resulted was blurry and you couldn't really tell what was happening. I may try for it again tomorrow, but I can't make any promises. The display in question was a dual-layer one. On top there was an ocean with ships and sea life and stuff... and a whirlpool sucking down an old sailing ship. In motion. The whirlpool was spinning, at a decent clip, too. Then you went down under the table, and you could see the whirlpool spinning in the background as an undersea civilization went about their daily lives. All made from LEGO. And really, really cool.

But hey, you want to see more pictures, right? So here's three more. First up is a close-up of Miyazaki from the awesome Miyazaki display I posted about yesterday:

Next up is the entire Miyazaki display. Click to see a bigger image and ooh-and-ahh over it.

And last up is a test of your perception skills. How many ninjas do YOU see in this picture? And yes, you can click to make this one bigger too.

Tomorrow is the final day of the convention, and after that I'll rest here in my sister's apartment for a day before driving back over the mountains.


Michael Jones said...

That Miyazaki display is incredible! I especially like the Nausicaa.
2 ninja?

Tegan said...

There are far more than 2 ninja. The one on the horse is a samurai.

Jonathan L. Miller said...

I see five, but there may be more...

Tegan said...

More than five. In the entire display, which is not seen in this image, I counted 16 ninjas. I don't know if I missed one. I know I missed one in my first count on this picture. My sister pointed it out to me.