Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Couple of Links

Spider Robinson writes about why we need the Public Domain. This is a fantastic work, the 1983 Hugo Award winner for Best Short Story.

Wanna read a comic book online, free and clear, without pirating? Steve Lieber and Jeff Parker are offering Underground, all five chapters, for free. If you enjoy it, you should definitely make a donation or purchase the trade to encourage the creators to do more cool work.


Michael Jones said...

I've been reading Spider for decades now. Nice catch.

Marionette said...

It always seemed a bit odd to me that the story trumpeting the virtues of public domain was not itself, public domain. Had he practised what he preaches, he would likely have got his message a far bigger audience.

Marionette said...

Okay, I should have followed the link before I commented, as I see it now is (sort of) public domain. But it certainly wasn't when I first read it some years ago.