Friday, December 24, 2010

LEGO Advent 2010 Final Update!

Hark! The herald LEGO sings, glory to some plastic things...

Ah, the final update of the 2010 LEGO City Advent calendar. I hope you've been enjoying this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. I've had a difficult time fitting some of these completely unexpected items into the narrative, which has made the whole thing challenging as well as amusing.

When we last visited our LEGO family, we learned about Mom, her Paul the Samurai fixation, and the attempts to replace everyday household items that Jimmy or Shredder (Princess Frumbles del Toronado Squiggle la Fluffybot 2000 Sharpclaw the Magnificent) had got a hold on. There's only one more member of the household that needs to be introduced...

Dec 18th:

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

Meet Uncle Bob! Bob is usually wearing a lot more clothing than this, but he was interrupted late Christmas Eve while trying out Mom's new shower. He heard noises and crept out of the bathroom, wearing a Speedo and carrying a heavy brush. Shredder lay fast asleep, curled up next to the terrified Spot, whose silent eyes pleaded with Bob for escape. Moving along, Bob checked in on Jimmy, who slept peacefully in direct contradiction to his usual nature. Sally was also fast asleep in her room. Mom and Dad had their door securely locked, but the noises weren't coming from there. Uncle Bob crept downstairs, wielding his brush like a club, and saw...

Dec 19th:

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

A strange new item had joined the other toys in the living room. It appeared to be a train car, but Bob wasn't sure where it had come from. He started into the living room to investigate further when he heard the noises again, coming from the near the hearth. He tried to see what was happening, and spotted another new item...

Dec 20th:

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

A bulldozer? It matched Jimmy's new crane, and Bob thought it was the perfect gift for the boy. But who had brought it? The family had already opened all the gifts to each other. Bob silently considered how none of the neighborhood flowerbeds would ever be safe again after Jimmy got started with this toy. Another noise made Bob quickly hide again, and when he peeked out...

Dec 21st:

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

Another train car? He studied the new arrival with surprise and pleasure. He bet he could get Shredder to ride in that easily, and possibly even enjoy the ride. Except, where was the engine? He gulped suddenly as he saw the train car move by itself and hook up with the other train car.

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

Something decidedly strange was happening tonight. There was a sense of unrealness to the whole scene. The train cars hooked up, then stopped. Bob worked hard to convince himself that he hadn't actually just seen that, and they'd been like that all along. Of course they had. But then, where on earth had they come from in the first place?

Dec 22nd:

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

Uncle Bob moved silently to the other entrance to the living room, trying to outflank whoever was in the room. He stopped in surprise well before he got there as yet another gift came into view. It was a helicopter, and he could practically seen Sally's name written on it. She would adore it, he knew, and it would almost make up for the toy plane's earlier almost tragic flight. He smiled to himself as he imagined her chasing Jimmy with it, then stepped a little closer, looking at the tree...

Dec 23rd:

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

Which seemed to be normal. True, it had a sort of glow that made Uncle Bob feel all warm and happy inside, but Bob really liked Christmas, so that was nothing too unusual. He stood in his Speedo, holding the brush, basking in the pleasant feeling of Christmas until another noise broke him out of his reverie, and he took a final step into the living room and came face-to-face with...

Dec 24th:

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

Santa Claus?!?? Riding a train engine?!??? As he watched in stunned disbelief, Santa rode the engine around the tree, and hooked it up with the two train cars, making a cute little train in the living room. Then Santa laughed with a hearty shake and seemed to check on the rest of the room, moving his hands here and there as if conducting an orchestra. The stockings plumped up with candy, and a couple more presents arranged themselves prettily under the tree. Then Santa turned, and...

LEGO 2010 Advent Calendar

"Ho ho ho!!" Santa laughed at Uncle Bob and his brush, "Have you been a good Uncle this year, Robert?" Bob stood stock still, staring at Santa. The jolly old elf laughed again, and spun in a tight circle, like Wonder Woman in that old TV show, and vanished completely. Uncle Bob was left staring around the living room, holding his brush. He looked at the extra gifts, and decided he wasn't going to tell anyone what he just saw. He shivered, and suddenly realized that he was getting cold. He hurried off, back to the bathroom upstairs to finish his late night shower and get to bed.

Behind him, the hearth twinkled with an unearthly glitter and a breath of heat, the strange toy fire engine twitched a little, and the room slowly fell back into a normal silence, awaiting the dawn.

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